Tests that speed up development,
not slow it down

BigTest lets developers test their applications across browsers and devices and provides them with swift and actionable feedback.

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BigTest: automated, fast, reliable, and cross-browser tests.

Why BigTest?

  • Helpful test results

    Designed to diagnose the cause of test failure at a glance.

  • Revolutionary Architecture 

    Built from the ground up with new technologies for modern apps.

  • Easy To Use

    Flexibly built to facilitate test writing, running, and maintenance.

  • Cross-browser, cross-device

    Tests your apps in user-relevant contexts and scenarios.

  • Framework agnostic

    Works with everyone's preferred JavaScript framework.

  • Dynamically Extensible

    Conceived to create a community-based robust testing ecosystem.

Test experiences, not just code

Web applications generate value when they deliver meaningful experiences to their users, but people use them under different conditions and contexts. While one person might be trying to find the perfect gift for their loved one on their phone using Firefox Focus for privacy, someone else is using Safari on their tablet trying to change a reservation in a café with a poor connection. Tests are an important safeguard to ensure that everyone has the same great experience and gets what they need using your app. 

Testing tools have traditionally generated a simulated context to assert the application and put it through its paces. Jest runs tests in a JSDOM context while Cypress generates a Chrome environment through Electron. Both offer constructive feedback on how to act on the test results, but both are limited by their respective test context constraints. While these tools are useful, there’s still a large number of scenarios that elude what they can safeguard against.

BigTest is different. It lets you test your application across browsers and devices, validating your code from the perspective of your user. In order to enable this, BigTest allows your tests to be automatically run through a URL, just as your user would use your app. Additionally, BigTest provides out of the box solutions to execute this context in a CI server.

BigTest checks experiences as your user would

Tests that are quick to write, run, and maintain

Tests are tools to help us see what we don’t know; they alert us to what is broken when we thought something was unaffected. The best tests swiftly and precisely diagnose the issue so teams can iterate and problem-solve on the spot.

BigTest facilitates the creation and maintenance of tests by employing Interactors. Instead of relying on class-names or HTML-attributes which continuously change, Interactors are easy to use stable interfaces that developers can use (and reuse) throughout their tests.

And BigTest introduces a smarter way to execute your tests. By design, BigTest has more information and context about your tests than existing alternatives. Thus it can predict that an entire subset of tests will fail based on early results, saving you time that would have been lost waiting for tests that previously could only be run sequentially.

Framework agnostic

BigTest is ready to test your modern web application, no matter if you use React, Vue, Angular, Ember, or anything else.

BigTest uses your build process to serve the application that will be tested, with the environment variables that you desire. This setup also enables you to test your application under different conditions.

Innovative architecture

BigTest’s architecture represents a departure from traditional test runners. Instead of being a stateless tool, BigTest relies on data storage and sharing to allow users to interact with the test in real-time. This approach enables advanced test analytics of the kind that were previously only available to big players like Facebook and Google. 

Using GraphQL as an interface, BigTest provides unprecedented visibility into the minutiae of each test run as it happens. This capability enables more creative visualizations and completely new interfaces that have yet to be imagined.

BigTest also provides meaningful APIs so you can build on top of the framework. It permits deeper integrations of tests into the development process that allows developers to consume test results and validate their code without requiring them to leave the editor. 

Reuse code across tests with BigTest

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